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Need Medical Care?
No Health Insurance?

Reach Out is a community service referral program primarily serving uninsured/under-insured San Diego County residents with a medical need.

We do not charge for our services and our referrals are made to primary care physicians, specialists, funded programs, and ancillary service providers/agencies and facilities (e.g., dental and vision providers, counselors) who offer our clients deep discounts in exchange for cash payment at the time of service.

All County residents with a medical need and no health insurance should call Reach Out.

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Reach Out
P.O. Box 88-1307
San Diego, CA 92168-1307
Call 2-1-1 and ask for Reach Out or
call (858) 300-1207 and leave a message

Fax: 858-268-9546
Email: info@reachoutforhealth.org